LightSYS Air

A New Era in Wireless Security

Welcome to a new epoch in wireless security, a convergence of innovation and convenience. It is with pride that we present LightSYS Air, a pioneering solution that redefines the landscape of wireless alarm installations. Allow us to guide you through this captivating narrative of how we are reshaping our wireless solution with our state-of-the-art technology and installer-centric design.

Enhanced RF Range

A significant improvement has been made in the RF range. The wireless technology in this system, which we are proud to present, has been designed to be robust and highly reliable.

Enhanced RF Range

Even in the most demanding environments, it is capable of performing optimally. This enhancement in the RF range is a testament to the commitment held at RISCO to excellence and innovation.

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Interactive Voice

Just type your text and convert it to voice

It brings immense excitement to announce our Interactive text-to-speech technology – a groundbreaking cloud-based tool that allows for easy customization of voice messages. This transformative feature enhances user interaction and convenience, providing you with a significant competitive edge. It is not merely an addition; it signifies a revolution.

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Simplified Installation Process

With LightSYS Air, the process of installation has never been more straightforward. Our novel HandyApp cConfigurator smartphone app eliminates the complexities of setup, making installation faster and easier than ever before.

A clear separation has been made between Basic and Advanced settings, catering to any type of installation. Whether it is a basic setup or a complex security installation, LightSYS Air and our HandyApp configurator provide comprehensive coverage.

Stylish Design Meets
Functionality & Personal Taste

Stylish Design Meets
Functionality & Personal Taste

LightSYS Air is not merely about advanced features; it also makes a stylish addition to any space. With a sleek snowy white panel and matching accessories line, it blends seamlessly into contemporary environments. Its aesthetic appeal is as impressive as its performance.

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Expanded Zones for Greater Flexibility

Within the LightSYS Air system, the incorporation of WIFI and IP is noticeable. This integration affords a seamless connection and offers flexibility for a setup that requires no cables whatsoever.

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Exclusive Kits and Bundles

Exclusive Kits and Bundles

In enhancing the LightSYS Air experience, exclusive bundles and kits are provided that incorporate RISCO’s wireless devices. It is anticipated that these offerings will render the transition to LightSYS Air notably appealing. The intention is to furnish a comprehensive package that encompasses all potential needs. The pricing for these bundle offerings has been designed to be attractive, thereby offering exceptional value.

At RISCO, the dedication is found in the assistance provided for your success. 
We invite you to join us, and together with LightSYS Air, it is anticipated that we will ascend!

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