RisControl Alarm with Smart Home Controller

Smart & Secured.

Introducing a revolutionary solution for the security industry – our premium security system is now integrated with smart automation, along with alarm and video surveillance, allowing for a combination of rules and scenes that make life safer and more convenient.

This professional answer to the growing trend of smart homes is easy to install and setup, allowing installers to delight both commercial and residential clients with advanced smart security through a cutting-edge interface.

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Grow Your Business with RisControl Alarm & Smart Home Controller

Grow Your Business:

Tap into a new segment of customers by offering RISCO's smart automation solution. With our easy-to-install and intuitive solution, provide your customers with a seamless and secure experience, increasing revenue and expanding your install base.

Smart Automation Made Easy

The ultimate tool to enter the lucrative smart automation market, created with the security installer in mind.. Our integrated system has been meticulously designed to, provide a competitive edge and new business opportunities.

Enhanced security

Our solution offers customisable rules to make your customers’ alarm systems even more effective, such as turning on lights in the backyard when an outdoor detector detects movement.
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With RISCO’s integrated solution, your customers can manage your security, video and smart automation systems all from one intuitive interface – RisControl, making life easier and more convenient.

One Intuitive interface

Full control on everything in one place

Remote control

Even outside - A Full control via iRISCO

Personal assistant

Use your voice to control the alarm and smart home via Alexa.

Wise energy management

With the RisControl solution, your customers can control their electricity and climate control usage, only using it when they need it. They can schedule lights to turn on/off according to the day/night cycle and turn off heating/AC when they are away.

Climate Control

Turn off the heating/AC
when you are away.

Out of home mode

Turn off all your electrical appliances.


Set a schedule for the lights
to turn on/off.

We know how much you love
Rules Scenes Schedules

RisControl enables 3 types of scenes and rules:

#1 Triggered Rule

Alarm event: Detection of movement outside, the lights outside will turn on.

#2 Time-Scheduled

When you are on holiday, lights are automatically turned on 30 minutes after sunset on certain days.

#3 Manual Scenes

When setting the system (manually) the lights will turn off, the door is locked, shutters are down (automatically).

Unleash the evolving power of Z-Wave

RISCO’s smart automation solution uses the Z-Wave wireless protocol, which means users can easily connect and control a wide range of devices, from lights and switches to door locks and garage doors, creating a seamless smart security experience.

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