The Evolution of Homeowner Demands: Blending Security and Smart Home Solutions

In today’s world of digital advancements, homeowners’ demands for home security are diversifying and maturing. In Europe, a clear shift from traditional security systems to intelligent home solutions, which unify security and home automation, is being observed.

In United Kingdom, smart home adoption is on the rise. According to a report by Statista, approximately 62.4% of households are expected to have smart home facilities by 2028**. The benefits of time-saving and convenience associated with smart home solutions are propelling this surge.

Another report also highlighted that the smart home market could save about £450 per year on energy costs*. This statistic accentuates the significant financial savings and the positive environmental impact that result from the energy efficiency of smart home solutions, increasing their appeal.

Despite this growing interest in smart home solutions, security remains a top priority for homeowners. Global Smart Door Lock Market Analysis Report revealed that homeowners were looking to integrate various devices and systems for enhanced convenience, security, and energy efficiency*. This trend underscores the need for solutions that can seamlessly blend security and automation.

As the demand for intelligent home solutions continues to rise, it is incumbent upon installers and manufacturers to evolve and meet these changing needs. Providing solutions that combine the benefits of an all-encompassing security system with home automation offers mutual advantages for both homeowners and industry participants.

RisControl and our smart home solutions are rising to the challenge. By providing integrated systems that allow homeowners to manage security settings remotely, while also enjoying the comforts of home automation, these solutions are poised to revolutionise the home security industry in the United Kingdom.

Through this transformation, homeowners are not just purchasing a device or system; they are investing in enhanced security, comfort, and an upgraded, contemporary lifestyle.

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