10 Reasons Why Installers Should Offer Smart Home

8 Reasons Why Installers Should Offer Smart Home Solutions Alongside Their Security Offerings for SMBs

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) are increasingly recognising the transformative potential of smart home solutions. The smart home market in Europe is on an impressive growth trajectory, projected to reach a staggering $12.67 billion by 2020[^4^]. Amidst this surge, SMBs are emerging as significant contributors, showing a keen interest in integrated systems that seamlessly blend security with smart home automation[^4^]. By offering these solutions, you can cater to their topmost priority – security[^3^], while also gifting them the power to remotely manage their operations[^4^].

Modern smart home solutions offer not only energy savings[^2^], but also the ability for SMBs to tailor their settings to their specific needs[^3^]. As installers, offering smart home solutions alongside security offerings, you can future-proof your offerings, ensure competitive advantage, and boost customer satisfaction. This presents a significant opportunity to ride the wave and harness the growing demand as a conduit for business growth and customer satisfaction.

1. The Growing Demand

The smart home market in Europe is projected to reach $12.67 billion by 2020[^4^]. SMBs are a large part of this growing demand, with an increasing interest in integrated systems that combine security and smart home automation[^4^].

2. Increased Security

A report by Strategy Analytics shows that security remains the topmost consideration for SMBs when it comes to smart home solutions[^3^]. By offering security alongside smart home solutions, you provide an integrated system that caters to their top priority.

3. Business Efficiency

Smart home solutions allow business owners to manage various operations remotely, from adjusting lighting and heating to managing appliances[^4^]. This level of control can streamline operational processes, increasing business efficiency.

4. Energy Savings

Energy efficiency is a compelling selling point for SMBs. The Energy Saver Guide from Energy.Gov estimates that businesses can save up to 30% in energy costs with smart home solutions[^2^].

5. Customisation

With smart home solutions, SMBs can customise their settings to match specific business needs[^3^]. This level of personalisation and control is appealing to business owners.

6. Improved User Experience

Modern smart home solutions offer user-friendly interfaces that are easy to navigate and control. This enhanced user experience can be a selling point for SMBs.

7. Long-term Investment

Despite the upfront costs, smart home solutions are a sound long-term investment. The long-term benefits, including energy savings and enhanced security, can result in substantial financial savings over time[^2^].

8. Competitive Advantage

By offering smart home solutions alongside security offerings, installers can differentiate themselves in the market. This can give them a competitive advantage, attracting more SMBs to their services.